Stephen Joseph Theatre: 2020 - present

This page contains the complete list of professional productions at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, between 2020 and the present day. The opening night refers to the first performance of each production as opposed to the official first night. Click on a play title to visit the page specifically related to the production.

(M) McCarthy Theatre at the Stephen Joseph Theatre; (R) Restaurant at the Stephen Joseph Theatre; * New play.

The 2020 Theatre Lockdown

During 2020, the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic swept the world. As a result, every theatre in the UK closed from 23 March to - at least - 14 August 2020. This was followed by the second and third lockdowns which closed theatres from 5 November to 2 December 2020 and 6 January to 17 May 2021. Although some theatres, including the SJT, were able to stage some performances - under strict restrictions - between lockdowns, the SJT was forced to cancel its scheduled spring, summer and autumn seasons during 2020.
For reference, the plays listed below were the announced, but cancelled, productions intended for the SJT during 2020.
Play Title (Unproduced)

Two (unproduced)
Just Between Ourselves (unproduced)
The Ladykillers (unproduced)
Truth Will Out (unproduced)

Jim Cartwright
Alan Ayckbourn
Graham Lineham
Alan Ayckbourn *
Planned opening

31 March 2020
23 June 2020
14 July 2020
25 August 2020

Plays: 2020 to present

Play Title

The Snow Queen *

The Girl Next Door *
Home, I'm Darling
The Offing *
Jack & The Beanstalk *

Jane Eyre *
Brief Encounter
Family Album *
Cinderella *

2022 details will be added at the end of the year.

Nick Lane

Alan Ayckbourn
Laura Wade
Janice Okah
Nick Lane

Chris Bush
Emma Rice
Alan Ayckbourn
Nick Payne
Nick Lane
Opening night

7 December 2020

8 June 2021
9 July 2021
14 October 2021
3 December 2021

8 April 2022
22 July 2022
2 September 2022
28 October 2022
2 December 2022
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